Making kids happy at Gradina cu Licurici

At Gradina cu Licurici we focus as much on children as we do on our adult guests. For an events location that ensures your child is having as much fun as you, then Gradina cu Licurici is the perfect place to have your family event. Gradina cu Licurici is a natural lakeside Bucharest events venue overflowing with playgrounds and activities that will keep your children busy and happy throughout your event.

Outdoors we have a playground in the grass with slides, swings and a trampoline. And our old ship playground keeps the lakeside theme and offers slides and climbing, a place to stimulate your children’s imagination. Our children’s indoor room has generous space, a place for children to play, paint, learn and even areas for their well-deserved naps.

We offer the perfect family events location for children’s parties and birthday parties in Bucharest, the family events venue in Bucharest with your children in mind. for more information feel free to contact us and find out more.

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